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   Joe Mehaffey

The Airlines which OFFICIALLY APPROVE the use of GPS receivers during CRUISE.  The GOOD list is getting longer!
      This actually means pilot discretion in all cases.

Airlines which OFFICIALLY DO NOT APPROVE the use of GPS receivers at ANY time during flight.
(*) Individual Pilots may allow GPS use.  (It never hurts to ask the pilot on any flight. Oftentimes,  cabin attendants say NO automatically.  If the cabin attendant says "no" respectfully ask them to make your request to the pilot.)  See Also:  GPS Use on Passenger Aircraft>  Is it SAFE?

If you are of a mind to do so,  you may wish to send a letter to the airline president about a refusal to allow GPS use on a particular airline.  Here is a message sent to one such airline by a passenger that you may wish to use as a template.  Please put the message into your own words.

"This email concerns passenger use of GPS devices on your airline.
As you are likely aware it is your corporate policy to ban them. The
use of GPS devices on aircraft by passengers during non critical
flight phases is left to the discretion of the airline and the flight
crew. Use is NOT forbidden by the FAA or any governmental body as far
as I know. MOST  airlines, worldwide, DO allow the
use of a GPS by
passengers.  GPS Receivers are known to radiate FAR less energy than
most games, laptop computers and similar equipment  which ARE allowed.

I have flown your airline a number of times, and would really like to
use my mapping
GPS to enjoy my trip.

Technically; I am aware of the fact that radio receivers have local
oscillators and do as a result radiate some radio frequencies.
However the power and frequencies of radio frequency emissions from
a consumer GPS receiver is minute compared to many common electronic
devices used by passengers aboard aircraft. Personal computers for
example have many local oscillators across the radio spectrum, not to
mention included radio transmitters. A significant percentage of
laptops in use on aircraft are operating with 802.11b/g
and Bluetooth
transceivers enabled. Your flight crew does mention 
that they
should be turned off, however some users lack the technical
know how
to do this or are even aware that their laptop has these

The lack of incidents caused by games, mp3 players, and personal
computers demonstrates the robustness of aircraft systems AND the lack
of interference from the many "allowed" electronic devices. These
systems are much more likely to be affected by other devices
operation in aircraft cabins than GPS receivers. I believe that the
allowance of the use of personal computers and other devices aboard
your aircraft while GPS receivers are banned results from a greater
consumer demand for the use of computers than an underlying safety
issue. I would be pleased
to receive a dissenting technical opinion
if you have one.

I respectfully request that you reconsider your ban on the use of GPS
on your flights during the cruise phase.

Thank you