Where can I buy the USA version of Garmin CityNavigator/CitySelect?
As strange as this may seem, you cannot buy a copy of USA CityNavigator/CitySelect in the USA except as comes bundled with a Garmin GPS.

For reasons not clear (to Joe) Garmin USA will not sell copies of CityNavigator or City Select to buyers here in the USA.  This is true even for people who have LOST their CDROMs.  I am hopeful this policy will change soon.

However,  you CAN buy CityNavigator and CitySelect Mapping Software from Garmin's overseas vendors.  Below is information furnished to me by Garmin UK.
a)      For the purpose of purchasing a complete (with unlock code) copy of CityNavigator USA or CitySelect USA,  we suggest you make reference to some of our European dealers who can obtain copies of CN and CS NA for customers.   GARMIN Europe does not sell directly to end users, only to large distribution.  Neither does GARMIN International sell  accessories directly to the end user market.

b)      If a customer has "lost" the CDROM set (as opposed to a new user needing a complete kit including the unlock codes), we  can usually supply a replacement CD-ROM set.  In those regards, yes, GARMIN Europe is willing to assist customers  and provide (with a reasonable charge + international shipping cost) a replacement CD-ROM set for any of our products, with the premise IF and when we have the availability for such CDROM set.

c)      The availability for bare CN and CS NA CD-ROM sets (without coupon codes) here at GARMIN Europe is very slim, but again we will be willing to help as long as we have them in our technical support stock.  For this purpose you can make inquiry to  Replacement of lost or faulty CD-ROM is a service operation and we will do whatever we can to help our customers.

We hope that this e-mail clarifies the GARMIN Europe position.

Best regards,

Cartography Dept.
GARMIN Europe Ltd.