Enjoy searching for <slightly> hidden "treasure troves" hidden by GPS enthusiasts.  Simple to do:
a) find a GeoCache site near you in the listings below.
b) locate the longitude/latitude of the site.
c) put this waypoint in your GPS as a waypoint.  (see your GPS manual.)
d) Follow the direction pointer on your GPS and it will place you within about 25 feet of your "treasure".
e) You are free to retrieve a trinket from the GeoCache as a souvenir,  but be sure to leave a couple of items to replenish the store.
f) Have LOTS of fun!

Look  at our recommendations for a suitable GPS for GeoCaching use ( HERE)

The following are websites where you can find information on GeoCaching and where GeoCaches are hidden.

Buxley's GeoCaching Waypoints
Geographic Information Systems -GeoCache Site
Netherlands GeoCaches
Spanish GeoCaches

Enjoy photographing interesting sites and leaving a photographic and lon/lat record so others can find your site.  The following are websites where you can learn about GeoGraphing.

Yahoo GeoGraphing site