LINKS to TOPO Maps and TOPO Map Vendors

Some maps have the capability to upload/download waypoints,  routes, and tracks to SOME GPSRs.  If , for instance, Delorme maps are listed as having this capability with Garmin or Magellan GPS receivers,  this does NOT mean compatibility with ALL of that manufacturer's products.  ASK specifically about YOUR GPS receiver BEFORE you buy.  Lowrance does not offer TOPO maps for their consumer model GPSRs.

TOPO Map Uploadability:
Now several non-Garmin high-resolution topo map can be uploaded to Garmin GPS receivers such as:
   Colorado and Washington 24K Topographic Maps for Garmin GPS
   Colorado and Wyoming Garmin-compatible topo maps
   Mexico Maps (Retailer Site)

Garmin TOPO maps can be uploaded into all of Garmin's Mapping Receivers (ONLY).
Magellan TOPO maps can be uploaded into the M-330,  and Meridian line at this time (ONLY).

 The below TOPO Maps are for reference and are not uploadable to a GPS receiver.
 They can be run in a PC and linked to a GPS receiver to allow plotting of your position and waypoints.

      Compatibility:  (a) Garmin,  (b) Magellan, (c) Lowrance and (d) None
Delorme Maps provides TOPO maps for the United States that run on your PC (a,b,c, 5)
Maptech Terrain Navigator 3-D maps of the United States that run on your PC (a,b,5)
USGS DRG individual 1:24,000 topo 7 1/2' Quad maps, low cost.  Use with Ozi Explorer (a,b,c,5)
Garmin TOPO Maps for the United States can be downloaded into your Garmin GPS.(1,2,,5)  provides Interactive TOPO maps for the United States.(d)

If you have additional TOPO maps that would be appropriate to add to this listing,  PLEASE email JOE