MapTech Terrain Navigator and Delorme Topo USA 3.0
(22 Aug. 2001 -Jack Yeazel)

Terrain Navigator - Streets from USGS 1:24,000 7 1/2' topo maps. Waypoints aren't very visible.

Topo USA  -Waypoints are quite visible.

Terrain Navigator - Tracklog segments can be in different colors

Topo USA 3.0 - Streets appear to be from Tiger Maps

Delorme Topo USA 3.0 user interface:  At present, this is the most difficult program I have ever tried to understand.  Here are the keystrokes necessary to download waypoints and or tracks from your GPS.

1. Select MapFolio.
2. Select Folios.
3. Select New
4. Name the new folio.
5. Select the Draw tab.
6. Select the "flag" symbol.
7. Select a symbol.
8. Click File.
9. Click New.
10. Click Exchange.
11. Select Track or Waypoints
Tracks or waypoints will now be downloaded to Draw Layer **. -whatever that is...???

To save the data, press Save.

One now must figure out what  "Draw Layers", "Folios", "Draw Files", "Connection Files" and "Route Files" represent.