My Firmware Upgrade stopped in the middle before finished and now my GPS does not work.  WHAT DO I DO? (10 Sept. 2002)

Sometimes this problem will require you to send your GPS receiver back to the vendor.  But MOST times,  the following procedure will get your GPS operational again.

Proceed EXACTLY as follows:
1) Remove the batteries from your GPS and install a set of fresh batteries.
2) Connect your GPS to the computer serial port by the data cable.
3) Get your computer ready to install the new firmware.
4) Turn your GPS receiver ON in the usual manner.  (You may or may not see anything on the screen when you do this.)
5) Begin the firmware upgrade at your computer.

This usually will get you up and running.  If it does not work the first time,  try it again.
If this procedure fails,  try calling or eMailing your manufacturer for assistance.
If nothing else works,  you will have to send your GPSR back to the manufacturer for repair.

Joe Mehaffey

Below are the recovery instructions for a dead MAP330 or Meridian. They are written for the MAP330 but they work just as well for the Me-ridians.

1. If your MAP330/Meridian in in a "locked up" state (stuck on), power it down by holding down MARK/GOTO and the ESC keys and press ENTER. This will power down the unit.

2. Power it up in "Software upload mode" by holding down MARK/GOTO and the ESC keys and press POWER. Unit shold power up with a "software upload mode active" message.

3. Run magup.exe, select NO at the dialog box. Click on "Expert" and checkmark "On" for the "Expert Upload" setting (be sure MAP 330/Meridian is selected (not Meridian GPS) as the "Unit Type" and click "OK"

4. Select the firmware file by clicking on "File" then "Select Code File".  The firmware file should have a name like MGOLD312.HEX, ZORRO204.SRE, ZORRO204.HEX, or MRDN3_08.HEX.

5. Click on "Upload" and click "OK". Checkmark "Program Code and base map".  Check "Upload File".

Jack Yeazel