Battery Vendors>  People who have batteries at good prices.

Make recommendations for others if you know them to be a) reliable vendors with b) good prices.

Sources for rechargeable nickel metal hydride (NiMH) batteries include:

NiMH AA cells>  Thomas Distributing(Low price/fast charger)   (Sanyo)   (Quest)   (Quest)   (Quest)   (NEXcell)   (NEXcell)   (manf, up to 1300 mAh)   (manf, 1200 mAh)

NOTE:  There was an early manufacturing problem, since corrected, in the
labeling of Eveready Energizer NiMH batteries.  These batteries were a bit
too large in diameter, which can make it difficult or impossible to use them
in a snug battery container.  These improperly labeled products were
recalled, but some did get into the hands of consumers, most likely through
Best Buy.  Consumers that have improperly labeled products can obtain
replacements by calling the Energizer consumer hotline number
(1-800-383-7323), or by sending email to the Customer Support address on the
Energizer Website <>.

Alkaline AA cells for about US$9 for 40>  Sam's Wholesale Club and CostCo Wholesale Clubs