Garmin's International Warranty Policy and suggestions on how NOT to try and use it.

Questions frequently arise as to:  What happens if I buy a Garmin GPS in the USA (or in Europe) and take it overseas and then have to have it serviced under warranty?  Is the Garmin Warranty only valid in the country of purchase?

The answers to these questions is:

1)  Garmin says their GPS FACTORY WARRANTY is valid worldwide for ONE YEAR <PERIOD>.

2)  Garmin also says that it is VERY likely that if a) you buy your GPS from a dealer in the USA and then try and have a Garmin dealer in some other part of the world warranty EXCHANGE it for you,  or help you with warranty repairs,  then you are LIKELY to get a negative answer.  (After all,  the "foreign dealer" did not profit from your original purchase.)   However,  you can ALWAYS return it to one of Garmin's three worldwide service centers for repairs either under warranty or after warranty.  Service stations are in the USA,  UK and Taiwan.

3)  Lithium batteries are known to be a problem in some Garmin GPS receivers.    If your unit should need to be returned for Lithium Memory battery replacement within about 5 years of purchase,  Garmin will likely replace it at no charge provided there is no other defect requiring repair.

4)  It is counter productive to get irritated with a dealer who did not sell your Garmin (or other brand) GPS to you because he will not exchange your GPS if it should fail.  Instead,  either communicate with your selling dealer OR return the unit to the Garmin Factory for repair.