From time to time,  someone suggests that I could help people "quicker" *if only* I would just give them the URL address (or just the quick answer) for whatever they are asking about.  This  as opposed to my practice of directing people to the information on our GPS information website or on some other information website.  (One female researcher  wrote me that SHE "did not have time" to search my website for the information she needed and told me that I would "have to furnish  the answer as it is  needed  immediately".  She was affronted when I told her my hourly rate for services.)

In any case..  There is a method in the way Jack and I  provide information.  Call it "EDUCATION".  If I just give the individual the answer -or- just the direct URL (address) for the answer,  he will get what he asked for and no more.

If I direct a person to our GPS INFORMATION WEBSITE and he has to browse around for a minute to find what he wants then,  GUESS WHAT?   Likely he will read a few topics from our website which may be of interest to him OR AT THE MINIMUM,  he will become aware of the MANY GPS  topics listed on the website.  This way,  the NEXT time, he may not even have to ask a question on the newsgroup.  He MAY just be able to go to the website and find what he wants!

So..  Since I do not like answering the same questions over and over,  this is my approach.  Others are of course quite welcome to provide the direct link to an answer or to directly answer the question as you wish.  I do encourage people to just point people with "frequently asked questions" to one or another information website where they can find the information AND perhaps they will discover a source of  new information of interest.

Joe Mehaffey