Subject: Multiple Waypoint Messaging -Explained
(4 Mar. 1999)

Waypoint message is a message that has a Waypoint name in it, such as "Approaching GARMIN", or "Can't Delete ABC".

Some of our handheld products (such as the GPS 2+) have the capability to display multiple messages.  For example, "Battery Low" and "Acquiring" can be both displayed at the same time on one screen.  However, in the past we could only display ONE waypoint message correctly.  In the event where we have multiple waypoint messages (rare), regardless of the context, all waypoint messages will use the waypoint name of the first waypoint message.  For example,  if "Approaching GARMIN" and "Can't Delete ABC" are displayed together, the screen will incorrectly show "Approaching GARMIN" and "Can't Delete GARMIN".  So it was a bug in earlier versions.

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