Ozi Explorer -Special Features

Edit Tracklogs

"Spurious" trackpoints in an important tracklog are hard to get rid of (or correct) unless you know the secret.
First obtain a copy of Ozi Explorer.

1. In Ver. 3.85.4 download the track to a map (A blank map would also do).
2. Then activate the "Track Control" menu.
3. When this happens, each trackpoint will have a hollow dot.
4. At the top of the menu, the fifth button will read, "Use mouse to draw a box around a track point.  All trackpoints in the same track section are made ACTIVE.".
5. When the trackpoints are made ACTIVE, they are RED dots.
6. With the Shift key depressed, left click on a trackpoint to move it.
7. Right click on a trackpoint to delete it.
8. Pressing the second button at the top of the menu deactivates all trackpoints.
9. Press the button on the second row, "Selected track properties" to save the track.

There is also a button that LISTS all trackpoints.

In order to understand how to ADD trackpoints, one must use the Ozi Help file.  If you didn't get a Help File  while upgrading Ozi, it's available in the Ozi Upgrade Section.

Calculate Areas

Under Options is a selection "Area Calculations".  When selected, Ozi will calculate the enclosed area of any track downloaded, loaded from file, or created by clicking on the area's downloaded corner waypoints.  Seven units of measurement can be selected.  If the track lines cross to form a "figure 8" then the calculated area is always in error. As an example, if the track is a "figure 8" and the top circle is exactly the same dimension as the bottom circle the total area will be calculated as zero.

To sum the areas of different enclosed tracks the first track is drawn enclosing the area, to draw the next area hold down the alt key as the track point is created and the track point is disconnected from the first track, the rest of the points are then drawn.

Creating tracks from Waypoints in order to Calculate an Area Here the "Track Control" (in the upper button bar) must be activated.  Push the first button on the second row, "Manually create Track Points".  Click on the map at the corners of the area to measured, and the area will be calculated.

If you download waypoint corners of an area to be calculated, there is an interference with the waypoints and creating trackpoints at the same locations.   However if you position the mouse on top of the waypoint and press the right mouse button a menu will appear, there is an option on the menu called "Create a Track point at Wp", select this option and a track point will be created at the same position as the waypoint. Proceed to do the same at the other waypoints in a logical order and the track will be drawn between the waypoints.  It helps to use the largest map scale available.

Jack Yeazel