Joe's Personal List of Surplus For Sale Electronic Gear

The following computer, radio, and/or electronic gear and parts are offered for sale. Price includes ground shipping in the USA and the materials are guaranteed to work when you get them but any other warranty depends on the manufacturer.   $25 minimum order.

1)  Item sold.

2) Ethernet Cables,  1ft, 2ft, 3ft $2,  5ft, 7ft $3,  15ft  $7,  25ft $10,  50ft $15  (Multiple of each available.) (Many SOLD, some left.)

3) Dual Ethernet surface mounting IDC jacks with 2 RJ45 jacks  $10 (stick wires in color coded slots,  push down lever to make connections.)

4) Item Sold.

5) 2.5 inch 120megabyte hard drive $10.

6)  Item SOLD!

7) Item Sold.

8) Cisco 766 ISDN modem/router with all software, cable,  $50

9) IDE hard drive controller (dual) with Floppy, dual serial and printer controller add-on card  (ISA type) $10

10) PCI dual IDE controller add in card  $15.

11) KeyVision PCI TV  card to put small TV picture on your computer screen,  model KW-606,  $35.

12) Floppy to motherboard flat cables with 5 connectors  $5.

13) 5 inch floppy drives  $10

14) Kenwood 2 meter FM ham radio,  30 watts,  model 7930,  no microphone.  $50

15) Item Sold.

16) Item Sold.

17) Item Sold.

18) PS-2 serial mouse $7.  Standard type for use with mousepad,  2 button.

19) Item Sold.

20) Mepco 38,000uf at 20wvdc electrolytics  $3

21) 35ufd@50wvdc  electrolytics 10 for $5,  100 for $30.

22) 100ufd@10wvdc radial lead 100 for $20.

23) 2N2369 transistors,  100 for $20.

Ordering Info:  Send JOE an eMail and I will be happy to arrange shipping.  I will take your check (extra time to clear),  moneyorder, or VISA  or MasterCard in payment.  I can ship by PP, UPS, or other.  Prices above include cheapest way shipping.