How can I print out my Garmin MapSource Route details once MapSource generates a route?

The fine people at The Garmin GPS Shop/Netherlands have produced a program to decode your Garmin MapSource routes into readable text.  The procedure is:
1) Generate a route anyway you want inside MapSource.
2) Save this route file as a *.mps file to your hard drive.
3) eMail this *.mps file as an attachment to:  (Note: do not zip or compress the *.mps file.)
4) A minute  later, you should receive a  file similar to that below which you can print and use as an assist on your trip.

Too bad Garmin does not have this feature built into MapSource.  It is a needed feature.

Thanks to Garmin GPS Shop/Netherlands for designing this program and for allowing us to make it available to everyone.

Joe Mehaffey

MapSource version 4.07:
        data format 0x67 "hales"  Apr 12 2002 11:20:20

name          coordinates               description             directions      display what    symbol          color
------     ------------------------        -------------------        ----------         ------------       --------        --------
5692LD  N34°00'40.7 W084°11'45.2     5692 Old Alabama Rd    symbol+name     Waypoint

Route '5692LD to 12075J'
total distance  leg length      course  waypoint        description / directions
      0                                 5692LD  5692 Old Alabama Rd
    0.0m           10.0mm               OLDLBM  Get on Old Alabama Rd and drive east
  342.8m          342.8m          90    OLDLB1
  363.1m           20.4m         103    MDLCKB  Turn left onto Medlock Bridge Rd
 7038.0m         6674.8m          19    MCGNSF  Turn left onto Mc Ginnis Ferry Rd
 8085.4m         1047.5m         280    MCGNS1  Turn right onto Mc Ginnis Ferry Rd
 9210.6m         1125.2m         335    SVNKSP  Turn left onto Seven Oaks Pkwy
 9249.0m           38.4m         248    SVNKS1
 9289.4m           40.4m         241    SVNKS2
 9767.6m          478.2m         239    CMNSLN
  10.28km         512.4m         265    CMNSL1
  10.45km         167.6m         280    CMNSL2
  10.45km          10.0mm               5577CM  5577 Cmns Ln
  10.45km          10.0mm               CMNSL3  Get on Cmns Ln and drive east
  10.62km         167.6m         100    CMNSL4
  11.13km         512.4m          85    SVNKS3
  11.61km         478.2m          59    SVNKS4
  11.68km          78.7m          64    MCGNS2  Turn left onto Mc Ginnis Ferry Rd
  12.55km         869.7m         326    JNSBRD  Turn left onto Jones Bridge Rd
  13.65km        1094.9m         226    JNSBR1
  14.44km         795.9m         216    JNSBR2
  14.44km           0.0mm               12075J / JNSBR2

total distance  leg length      course  waypoint        description / directions