A Comparison of the dynamic accuracy of the Magellan SporTrak Pro and Garmin GPSmap 76
USGS 1:24,000 Topo maps magnified 2x by Ozi Explorer
These tracks were made at the same time, clear of trees, with receivers mounted on top of a car moving slowly.
The tracks were traversed twice (clockwise) to determine the repeatability of the receivers.
Both receivers' tracklogs were set to Automatic, Most Detailed -with WAAS enabled

SporTrak Pro (26 trackpoints)

GPSmap 76 (71 trackpoints)

Map Scale in Feet

USAPhoto Terraserver map (plus DEM contour lines) GPSmap 76 track

Comments: The accuracy of both receivers seem essentially the same.  The Garmin's repeatability was the best, probably due to recording more trackpoints.  According to the receivers, the east and south USGS streets seem to be slightly misplaced.  (In the long run, GPS receivers are generally more accurate than the best maps, making the testing of dynamic accuracy questionable)

Jack Yeazel