TrackView -by Brent Hildebrand
(17 April 2001)

Many have asked for a moving-map version of MapSource, so Brent has responded with TrackView.  This program can be obtained from: The program will only function with Garmin receivers that have the "Text Out" or Simple Text Output (STF)  feature.

The procedure to run the program is as follows:

1. Unzip the above file in your Waypoint+ or any convenient directory.
2. Obtain lock with the GPS in the Text Out mode, and connect it to the computer.
3. Run MapSource and display a map of your location.
4. Run TView.exe (make a shortcut if desired).
5. Edit the Com Port if necessary.
6. Open the Comm Port.

You should see this screen superimposed on the MapSource screen.

The numbers at the bottom indicate that TrackView is receiving Text Out.

7. In MapSource, select either the Track or Waypoint tab.
        If the Waypoint tab is selected, the map will re-center on a "TVIEW" waypoint icon.
        If the Track tab is selected, MapSource will be zoomed out to display the whole track.

The data will be collected at the rate of one point every 5 seconds.  The map will be updated at the rate of once every 10 seconds, however it appears that the trackplot resolution is quite good.  The map will recenter when you have moved about a half mile, and you now have a moving-map with MapSource.  In the waypoint tab, highlight TVIEW and press Ctrl-D to recenter the map on that waypoint.  Or double click on it and select "Show on Map".

  Below is a typical tracklog of a real-time plot.

A Track log is also generated.   The Copy menu will copy all the current data into the Windows clipboard, and can then be pasted into programs such as Excel.   Trackview does require the MSCOMM32.OCX be installed on the computer.  Street Atlas USA installs this component.  It can be downloaded from Microsoft at the following URL:

If Brent's site is down you can get a non-current version (HERE).

Jack Yeazel