My PC running MicroSoft Windows XP will not recognize and communicate with my GPS.

What could cause this?


The following was sent by Ed Johnson who got the information from "Rick".

To summarize for others:

1. Boot the computer with the GPS receiver attached. The cursor will be jumping around and all sorts of unwanted stuff will be happening.

2. Disconnect the GPS. The computer will settle down.

3. Select Control Panel - System - Hardware - Device Manager.

4. Click on the "+" next to Mice and other pointing devices.

5. Click on "Microsoft Serial Ball Point" - This is what Windows XP thinks that your GPS receiver is.

6. Select "Actions" and then "disable".

7. Click "OK" to close each window

8. Reboot the computer with the GPS attached. All should be well.

The next time you boot the computer, it will tell itself to disable the "Serial Ball Point". If you boot the machine without the GPS attached, it will not even show the disabled device.

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