Links to Garmin User-Grid Information

Austrian User Grids and Datums

ATS77 Datum (Eastern Canada)

Bruneian Topographical Maps (*IF* you can get at them)

Czech Republic and Slovak Republic (Europe) (by Zdenek Kobr) (24 DEC 1999)

Dutch User Grid Setup

Finnish User Grids -Instructions to expand on the single grid provided by Garmin

French (IGN) User Grid Setup Information (by Yves, F3UB) (7 July 1999)

French (Michelin) User Grid Setup Information (by Bruce) (7 July 1999)

Israel User Grid Setup for Garmin Receivers

New Zealand Map Grids, How to make them work with your GPS (Link)

Ordnance Survey of Great Britain grid WITHOUT the two letters (3 MAR 04)

Singapore, Malaysia, Israeli, Dutch, and New Zealand by Collin Tang (16 AUG 98)

Warsaw Treaty Pact and their relation to WGS-84 and UTM .(by Zdenek Kobr) (24 DEC 1999)